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Fortunes Store

GFRC, GRG, Exterior Facade, Interior Paneling, Commercial

Fortunes Jewelry Shop, nestled in a historic building, underwent a comprehensive architectural rejuvenation. The exterior was meticulously redesigned using Glass-Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) panels, which were given a pristine natural limestone finish. These panels were accentuated with bespoke GFRC overcladding profiles that run horizontally, seamlessly integrating with the windows and walls, bestowing the structure with a distinctive quaint charm. Transitioning to the interior, the ambiance shifts to one of opulence and sophistication. Custom-molded GRG/GRFG walls, characterized by their wavy, multi-layered contours, dominate the space. This design choice not only introduces a sense of depth but also exudes a deluxe aura, mirroring the exquisite jewelry pieces that Fortunes showcases.

Project Gallery

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