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Why we do it ?

Our clients love creating signature spaces that catch the eyes and imagination of others. We are for those who see a vision, a future where we surround ourselves with the imagination of limitless boundaries. For those that ask great questions and wont stop at "because it's always been built that way". 
This persuit to grow and innovate and provide the path of least resistance is our teams fuel cell. 


Our management team is highly skilled and field tested. They possess special design powers and are not afraid to use them.  See below for details.

Architect 1
Mike Chase

Mike H. Chase

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Mike loves working on projects that challenge his ability to design and manufacture. Aside from managing the commercial sector he spends most of his time collaborating with designers and engineers into developing future concepts. He also possesses nunchuck skills!

Ray Chase | GFRC Architectural Elements Toronto

Ray Chase

Ray has the ability to have an abnormal level of fun at the office. His dresscode is casual every weekday and he was the first person to have google implants ... he is a walking database of information and the head of SRED!

Original Founder

Asad R.Ghasemian

Stephanie Designer

Stephanie D.

Mr. Ghasemian, although retired he constantly reminds everyone the importance of grit not only within our work space but in all aspects of life. It is also said that he can create patterns and textures just by waiving his hand at a wall.

Stephanie takes her interior design work very personally ... she's kicked more trades off of her projects than there are trades ... thus some trades got kicked off numerous times! You may also recognize her from an episode of Hell's kitchen, returning Chef Ramsay's food and ordering a pizza to the restuarant. 



Our Associates


Our Clients
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