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BONDbuild Features

You imagine it - We create it


GFRC or GRC(Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)

A modern composite material that combines the strength of concrete with the flexibility of fiberglass. The result? A lightweight, durable and weather resistant material that can be moulded into intricate designs

GFRG or GRG(Glass-Fiber Reinforced Gypsum)

A versatile material that's perfect for creating detailed architectural elements, especially for interiors. It is lightweight, easy to install, and can be crafted into intricate designs, making it a favorite for interior designers and architects. 

Columns Made from GFRG

Wall Panels & Cladding

Custom-designed wall panels and claddings that can transform any space, be it commercial or residential. Wall panels and claddings not only enhance the aesthetics of a space but also provide additional insulation and protection. 

Bespoke Mouldings

Customized mouldings crafted to perfection to suit the unique requirements of each project. Bespoke mouldings allow for a personalized touch, ensuring that each space stands out and reflects individual preferences. 

Light weight rock at day time with address.jpeg

Sustainable Solutions

Eco-friendly architectural solutions that don't compromise on aesthetics or durability. As the world moves towards sustainable practices, it's essential to choose architectural solutions that are kind to the environment. 

Expert Consultation

With over 30 years of dedicated excellence, our team of experts is always ready to provide guidance, from choosing the right material to final installation. Whether you're in the conceptual phase or seeking solutions to specific challenges, our expertise will illuminate the path to success.


Restoration Solutions

At Bond Build, we understand the timeless beauty and structural integrity of GFRC and GFRG elements. Over time, even these durable materials can show signs of wear and tear. Our specialized restoration service breathes new life into aging GFRC and GFRG structures. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques, we meticulously restore, renovate, and rejuvenate older buildings and elements, ensuring they regain their original splendor and stand strong for years to come. Whether it's a historic facade or an ornate interior detail, trust us to preserve the past while ensuring future resilience.

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