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GRG profile installed in interlocking fasion with embedded light valance. 


Total rebuild of Heritage Architectural Facade. Documented sections rebuilt.  Use of GFRC limestone texture finish.
A collection of highly detailed GRG materials combined with the use of glass crystals and metals to form remarkably unique feautures.
1 Thousand Bay st. Toronto
RCMI Toronto
TRUMP Toronto
Store front facade using Bond Block stone. Premanufactured shape and colour tones specific to brand identity.  
Fortunes facade and interior
Limestone finish GRC overclad on old brick. Adding classical architecture to a flat brick building.
GRC facade Toronto
GRC panels Toronto
GRC window detail
GRG wave wall interior
GRG retail entryway
ZARA GRG retail corner
ZARA logo
ZARA GRG facade
Cast geometric GRG shapes of store front facade in retail mall.
ZARA GRG facade
commercial GFRC facade
Store front GFRC Facade
Ashley home store stone facade
BOND- ASHLEY Project-2
BOND- ASHLEY Project-1
Finished GFRC exterior
Original RCMI
by Urban Toronto
RCMI Tower
cornerstone frame
Lobby Panel
Lobby panel interlock
3/4 Round GFRC column
Column connection bolts
Entrance canopy
Radius Crown section
Crown detail
Lion head
South side
Crown detail
RCMI plaque
RCMI entrance
Entrance night
Entrance night
Night shot
Trump Tower Feat. Wall Close Up
Trump Tower Feat. Wall
Ballroom chandelier
trump rend.
ext. Lobby
Bar light cove
Trump Towers   feature wall
Lobby GRG wall panel
Lobby bespoke GRG wall
1000 Bay entrance lobby
1000 Bay 56 St.Joseph
Natural marble slab column
Marble along with textured wall
GRG feature wall detail
1000 Bay st. Lobby feature wall
Stud framing
profile of GRG
super GRG installer
semi gloss paint
gloss paint
88 Scott building envelope
Stone veneer panels
CHURUK 3D modular panel
Stair feature wall
Stair GRG feature wall
Wrinkle wall panel
Wrinkle wall
Yorkville Facade Mizrahi
181 hazelton lounge GFRC limestone
GFRC building envelope
GFRC building envelope
GRG column cover
Square column cap
181 Davenport Yorkville
Exterior GFRC facade panels with limestone finish. 
88 SCOTT st. 
Cast 3D Modular panels and limestone veneer. "CHURUK" wrinkled wall panel. 



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