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GFRC, Balustrades, Restoration, Historical Architecture

The Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI) project, a collaboration between Tribute Communities and Parsiena Design Inc, stands as a testament to architectural innovation and reverence for history. Successfully completed, the 42-storey condominium seamlessly integrates with the meticulously restored facade of the century-old RCMI building.

Parsiena Design took on the monumental task of restoration, ensuring every detail of the building's exterior facade echoed its historic significance. The project's crowning achievement was the use of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC/GFRC) in the building's facade. This cutting-edge material not only ensured durability but also allowed for a GFRC limestone texture finish, mirroring the original structure's grandeur. Intricate design elements, including balustrades and portico, were recreated with precision, further enhancing the building's historical resonance.

The successful integration of UHPC and GFRC technologies in this restoration project showcases the potential of modern construction methods in preserving architectural heritage. This endeavor stands as a beacon of how the past and present can coalesce, creating structures that honor history while embracing the future.

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