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BOND designs and manufactures unique architectural products for interior and exterior finishes.  Products include a simulation of an existing product built to suit, new fabrication, new prototype of a concept, and new creations.
Product materials and finishes vary a great deal, as our base material, Gypsum GRG and Cement GFRC, carry a vast array of additives, and are able to shaped and molded to infinite possibilities. This means limitations are no longer based on materials, but only on imagination.

Why Choose Us


BOND provides shop drawings as per architect/designer details, stamped engineering calculations, and color samples for review. BOND provides assistance to architects, designers, and contractors regarding the following:

Architectural services (pre-contract), color/texture matching, sample panels, technical support, panel sizes and joint locations, budgetary proposals, design feasibility and cost tradeoffs, budgetary “unit” pricing, office visits/box lunches, plant tours and drawings. 

Reviews and take-offs prototyping, design assistance, recommendations, sample contract review, performance bonding (if necessary), panel design, detailing and  shop drawings, panel engineering and PE stamped submittals, sample approvals, project management support.

Installation, patching and cleaning, site visit and punch list, and final walk-thru.




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